It's our joy to look after your little ones while you connect with God and others.

    Welcome to the MB nursery

    Our littlest ones learn that church is a fun and safe place for them to be loved, cared for, engaged with, and prayed over! We have a secure and safe play area with tons for them to do!
    Parents can drop off their kids in this class at the start of the Sunday morning service, and pick them up afterwards! We open our doors 15 minutes before our morning worship services start and your children remain there until they have been picked up by a parent.
    The nursery is located on the second floor in the MBKids wing.
      MORE INFORMATIONWe maintain a strict screening program for all volunteers (including background checks), and have a thorough safety program in place to make sure that our kids are well looked after, amidst all the fun! We want parents to feel comfortable, and for your child to feel welcome, confident and accepted as part of our Children's Ministry!