(For our Meadow Brook Family)

    Meadow Brook is a busy place. We strive to keep everyone up to speed about the latest news and what's happening in our church. Every Friday, we send out an email update which includes news, updates, and important information on what's coming up and the latest at Meadow Brook. The Weekend Update is an easy and great way to stay connected and up to speed on what's new at Meadow Brook!
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    (For our Meadow Brook Family)

    At Meadow Brook, we believe in the power of prayer and intercession. As things come up and life brings its ups and downs, we are constantly supporting one another in prayer. Our email prayer chain, Prayer Partners, goes out when we have important or urgent prayer requests within our church body. If you attend Meadow Brook and you would like to be on our email prayer chain to receive prayer requests, please fill out the form on the right.

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