Meadow Brook is looking for people who love Jesus, are passionate about God's work, who are skilled and gifted and who can be a great fit with us to join our team! If you would like to join the team at Meadow Brook, please review the position description below. 

    Thanks for your interest in joining the team at Meadow Brook.

    Position Title: Lead Pastor

    Reports To: The Board of Elders 

    Oversees: 3 F/T staff & 3 P/T staff 


    Position Snapshot 

    Our Lead Pastor is the “overseer-at-large” for Meadow Brook Church. The position is responsible for the following:

    • coaching the staff, 
    • directing various moving pieces of the ministries,
    • teaching faithfully from the Word, 
    • communicating, coordinating, and co-executing the vision of the Church, alongside the staff team. 

    Who We Are 

    Meadow Brook Church is a healthy, thriving, and dedicated family of Christ-followers located in Leamington, Ontario. We love Jesus, and we love one another, and we are eager to grow together into people who look more and more like Christ. We greatly value teaching from the Word, the presence of God, musical worship, prayer, fellowship, our kids and youth ministries, and spiritual formation, to name a few things. We are seeking to grow in our community involvement and our evangelism.

    We are Anabaptist in our roots, and part of a broader family of churches called the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, and are specifically part of the Ontario Conference.

    We have an in-person Sunday morning attendance of 200-300 weekly, with several hundred more engaging online each week. We are an active church, with many mid-week programs reaching people of all ages.

    In addition to the Lead position, we currently have 3 F/T staff, and 3 P/T staff. We greatly value a “team approach” to ministry, where the Lead Pastor takes the lead, but leads in a servant-hearted way, bringing the team together and discerning and executing vision and plans as a well-oiled machine.

    As to our purpose, Meadow Brook Church exists to glorify Jesus and become more like Him, and our vision is, “Helping people take their next steps with Jesus.” We value actively moving forward with intentionality and dedication, desiring to grow our faith and live it out in ever-increasing measure.

    We emphasize these “next steps” primarily in three ways: Upward, Inward, and Outward.

    Upward” refers to our walk with the Lord: our communion and connection with Him, our study and understanding of the Word, our being filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit, etc. We want to be taking our next steps “Upward” as we seek to grow in our relationship with God (e.g. Acts 2; Eph 5.18; 6.18; 2Tim 3.16-17; etc).

    Inward” refers to the Lord doing His work within us: transforming us to become more like Jesus, helping us overcome our sin, and healing and renewing us from the inside out by His Spirit and His Word. We want to be taking our next steps “Inward” as we “deal with our stuff” and are more and more made into the “new creation” in Christ (e.g. 2Co 3.18; 5.17).

    Outward” refers to the “living out” of our faith practically: putting the Word into practice, loving our neighbours and enemies, engaging in mission in our local community, sharing the Gospel with others, and supporting missions around the world. We want to be taking our next steps “Outward” by growing in the practical engagement and living out of our beliefs and mission (e.g. Mt 5.43-48; 22.36-40; Jn 13.34-35; 1Jn 3.16; Jam 1.22-25; 2.14-26; Mt 28.18-20; etc).  


    Who You Are

    You are a gifted and increasingly healthy leader, teacher, and motivator who can help our staff and our church take our “next steps” with Jesus! You are someone who will serve as our overseer-at-large, who is experienced in leading a multi-staff organization, and who has the ability to communicate, coordinate, and co-execute the vision that God has given us at Meadow Brook, alongside the leadership team.

    To that end, if you are the right candidate:

    • You enjoy a true connection with the Lord, with a rich devotional life
    • You increasingly demonstrate the biblical qualities for leadership outlined in 1Tim 3.1-7, Titus 1.6-9, and 1Pet 5.1-5.
    • You have experience overseeing a multi-staff environment
    • You have completed some level of ministry/theological training
    • You are hungry for more of God, and eager to grow in your relationship with Him (2Pe 3.18)
    • You are devoted to the Scriptures, and are able to share them in a faithful and compelling way (2Tim 4.2)
    • You are committed to your own personal growth and transformation, seeking holiness and wholeness, and willing to be an open and authentic example for the staff team and the church
    • You are wired to empower others, helping train and release them into their God-given purpose
    • You find fulfillment in “cheering people on,” encouraging and building them up in their calling and in their walk with Jesus, and “spurring them on” towards more (Eph 4.11-13; Heb 10.24-25)
    • You desire to share the Gospel and to help equip others to do the same (Mt 28.18-20)
    • You have explored Meadow Brook Church and feel a connection with who we are
    • You are in agreement with our denominational Confession of Faith

    If this sounds like you, we would love to connect and have a conversation!  Please send a cover letter and resume to .