This past June, we merged our two Sunday morning gatherings into one big worship gathering for the summer! It's been a great summer having everyone together on Sundays, but with the fall just around the corner, and everyone coming back, our auditorium will start to feel too full once again very soon! On September 17, we will be returning to two gatherings. We will meet at 9 & 11 am. Both gatherings are identical in style and content, and both have a full program for kids and youth!

    Two Services

    Below are some of the frequently asked questions about why we went to two services. We hope this information is useful and provides an insight into how we got here and where we are going next.

    Why do we have to move to two services?
    Simply put: we’re growing! Over the past year, the leadership of Meadow Brook has been considering what to do about our growing congregation. Our sanctuary, parking lot and kids’ ministry space have become too small to hold us!  We have maxed out our current set-up, and we have no room for anyone else to join us at Meadow Brook Church! By moving to two services, we double the amount of people who can connect with Jesus and with us here on a Sunday morning!

    So, we need to provide more room -  we need more room to invite our friends to church, more room for the lost and broken in our community to find a home, more room for new people who are coming to Jesus! This is a perfect opportunity for every one of us to expand on our mission as a church and to serve others by moving to two services! These are exciting times at Meadow Brook!   

    What will be the difference between the two services?

    The only difference will be the times, with the first service starting at 9am and the second at 11am! Otherwise, the two services will be identical, with the exact same worship songs, the same announcements, the same sermon, the same Junior High and Kids programs offered at both, with each service following our current service length of being around an hour long!  

    Will volunteers and staff be asked to serve in both services?

    The staff will be here for both services, and each individual ministry has determined which option works best for their volunteers; some ministries will have their volunteers working both services, while some ministries will have a 9am team & an 11am team!

    Do we have enough volunteers to make it work for two services?

    At the moment, we have enough volunteers, although we are stretching them and asking many of our hard-working people to give Meadow Brook some extra time and effort right now to help make two services happen! Because of this, now is a great opportunity for anyone who isn’t helping out yet to consider: rather than just coming out and receiving other people’s hard work and service on a Sunday morning, maybe it’s time to jump in and help give something back and serve others as well!  Our annual Ministry Expo is coming up on Sunday, September 11th, and will showcase many different ways in which we can all pitch in and help do this together!

    Won’t the church feel “empty” once we switch to two services?

    Yes, moving from a jam-packed Sunday service into two services is going to change the “feel” for a little while, as our numbers will be divided across the two services! However, our church’s mission is to ‘lead people into the Christ-centered life’!  How do we all have a part in this?  Let’s invite people and help fill the space!! We are all connected to many people who don’t know Jesus, who are lost and hurting and broken, and who are in need of connection, community, and a relationship with God – Meadow Brook is a wonderful place to bring them to experience all of these things!  We believe that, as we create space, and as we all engage in our mission, that God will fill the space! So, we need to make room – so that it can be filled up again! 

    How do we stay connected to our friends who might attend the opposite service to us?

    Sundays will still have time for both services to connect with each other! There will be approximately 45 minutes in between the 9am and 11am services, in which our Café will be open (from 10am to 11am), and coffee and treats will be served! If you are at the 9am service and want to connect with someone in the 11am service, plan to stay a little later after the service for some mingling! If you are going to the 11am service and want to connect with the earlier service, plan on coming a little bit earlier!

    We will also be having some occasional church-wide events, outside of Sunday mornings, where everyone will be invited to join in and hang out all together as one big group!

    Beyond this, it may require a little extra effort to connect with people that may attend a different service than us – we may need to have some people over for coffee or dinner, to keep those relationships strong! This is another great way in which we can all pitch in and help out a little bit to make this work – if the friendships are important to us, we can all make the extra effort to keep connected, even if we don’t see someone every Sunday morning!

    Will we still have Sunday fellowship lunches and how will that work?

    Several times a year we have a big meal together in the gym after the service! For now, we will continue these lunches as space permits.  We may soon need to move to using some “overflow” rooms in the church, or perhaps moving to a different venue for the meal (such as maybe a picnic on the back lawn, weather permitting!), as our gym is getting pretty packed! These lunches will happen after the 11am service, so those who attend the 9am service can either leave and come back for lunch later, or can choose to attend the 11am service that day! 

    What are our long-term plans to solve Meadow Brook’s space issue?

    Our original plan was to put a committee together this fall and get them working on a longer-term solution for our continual growth! However, after some prayer and reflection, the leadership has determined that this fall will be busy enough with changes, with our new Lead Pastor Mesh moving in and getting settled and into the swing of things, and with the busyness of getting two services off the ground! We’ve decided to take this fall to just focus on getting Mesh thriving in his role, and getting the two services functioning smoothly and excellently, and then we will revisit what our “next steps” are in the new year!

    How can I help with this transition?

    First off, and most importantly, pray! As exciting as this all this, there are many moving parts that we are working out, and we need God’s blessing to make this work!

    Secondly, serve! Find a place where there is a need, and help us handle the extra work of an additional service!

    Thirdly, give! Please continue to faithfully financially support Meadow Brook, as we work hard to offer amazing and life-changing ministry for all ages, pointing people to Jesus and encouraging them in their spiritual journey!

    Fourthly, share! It doesn’t help you or us if something is bugging you or isn’t working and we don’t know about it…please let the leadership know how things are going!

    Finally, please grant us some extra grace and patience! It’s an exciting new season, and yet we know it will likely take us a little while to figure out the best way to manage it all! Thank you for giving us the time we need to make it all function well!

    If I have questions or thoughts, who do I talk to?

    On a Sunday morning, you can go to the HUB, in our Upper Lobby, if you have any questions or comments at all! During the week, you can call our office at 519-326-3605, or email us at Or, you can talk to any member of our Ministry Management Team and staff (Mesh Hit, Chris Walker, Xavier Avila, Shari Whitfield, Sarah Elachkar, Susan Friesen) or our Board of Elders (Chris Konrad, Henry Peters, Brent Clayton, Rob Dueckman, Jake Teigrob, Rob Whitfield)! We would be more than happy to chat with you about anything!