Worship is a big part of who we are as a church. Music is always a powerful part of the Meadow Brook experience every Sunday morning. Through older hymns and modern songs, our outstanding worship teams focus our attention on God in a professional and culturally-relevant way. 

Worship helps us to learn about God, to express ourselves, and to experience God together. Whatever music we are playing, we make the strongest effort to ensure it is excellent and engaging, both for longtime attenders as well as our first time guests.

Worship is a big part of who we are. We worship and praise God not only with our actions, but also with our voices corporately. We're constantly seeking new ways and mediums to come together and worship.
On the last Sunday of every month, we host the Open House. The Open House is a night of worship for those who can't get enough worship, and who want to worship in a more intimate setting. Everyone is welcome to the Open House. Just come, hang out, and worship!