MBYOUTH is where students come to find out
what it means to live
and walk with Jesus. 

MBYouth exists to help students see and grow towards Jesus here and now. We believe that God desires to make a difference in this world through young people. We want every young person who walks through our doors to be encouraged, build friendships and relationships, and be changed by encountering God's grace and love.

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Jr High students (grades 6-8) meet on Thursdays at 7pm - 8:45pm. Thursday nights are a time to make new friends and build relationships. We like to have a lot of fun and on a typical Thursday night crazy games and wild activities can be expected. Most importantly, Thursday nights are a time to learn more about God, His Word, and His love for us. At every Junior High event, there is a message - or talk - as well as discussions and prayer times designed to help students grow closer to Jesus.
We're usually at Meadow Brook, but we're often out and about on off-site events. Be sure to check our Ministry Calendar and our Facebook page for info on our events.


Junior High students meet on Sundays during the morning gatherings. We like to have fun together as we look into and learn from God's Word. The group is in the auditorium at the beginning of the gathering as they participate in the worship time and leaves half way through.



Senior High students (grades 9-12) meet on Thursday at 7pm - 10pm. Thursday nights are a time to grow and do life together, encourage one another, make new friends and hang out with old ones. As you can expect when a bunch of high school age people come together, it's generally very loud, fun and crazy. The main purpose of Thursday nights, however, is to learn more about God, His Word, and His love for us. At every Senior High event, there is a message - or talk - as well as discussions and prayer times designed to help students grow closer to Jesus.
When we're at Meadow Brook, we're usually hanging out in our very own youth room or running around having fun. We're also often off-site out and about. Be sure to check our Ministry Calendar and our Facebook page for info on our events.


Going deeper in the Word is a big part of what our youth ministry is all about. At every Jr and Sr high event, we slow things down to spend time learning from God's word. This spring, a full lineup of youth Bible studies was launched for the first time at Meadow Brook
The studies are be a time to connect with God and each other in a deeper and more intimate way as we journey in our walk with Christ together!
All the Bible studies meet on Wednesday at Meadow Brook from 7pm to 8:15pm.
Here's our Bible studies lineup:

- Jr High girls - led by Renee Rocheleau
- Jr High guys - led by Xavier Avila
- Sr High girls - led by Nicki Gleason
- Sr High guys - led by Henry Peters & Jason Fiss




Things can get busy at MBYouth and we try to make sure everyone is always up to speed on what's going on. We have set up two ways to contact parents to communicate upcoming event details, reminders, ministry needs and much more. To subscribe to these communication tools, please see the info below.

To receive text message updates including upcoming event details, reminders, ministry needs:

- Text the following keyword: EZZQB73336, to the following number: 393939

- Include your first and last name as well as the name(s) of your kid(s) who are involved in MBYouth

To receive email updates including upcoming event details, reminders, ministry needs, etc, please fill the form below.

Email Contact List

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When we receive your information, it will not be shared with any third parties. You will only receive text messages and emails when we have important information to communicate - we won't spam you!


Communication with parents is essential to ensure important info is shared and to ensure we are partnering effectively with parents.
Throughout the year, we hold meetings open to all parents during which we share updates on what's happening in the ministry.

In April 2017, a new initiative was launched as part of MBYouth with the purpose of continuing to have open and healthy communication lines between parents, myself, and the youth leadership team. The initiative, called the Parents Support Team, is a small committee of parents and the goal is for the team to act as a sounding board, a source of feedback from all parents, and a bridge between parents and the ministry leadership. Some of the practical purposes the team will serve include: 
  • new ideas or initiatives being explored and developed for the youth ministry will be subjected to input, feedback, and recommendations from the Parents Support Team
  • the team will provide recommendations and feedback when changes or adjustments are needed in all areas of the youth ministry already in motion
  • the team will provide feedback on any and all matters related to the youth ministry on behalf of all other parents
The team will meet every six to eight weeks. All parents at Meadow Brook will be notified in advance before each meeting to allow time for all parents to connect with the members of the Parents Support Team if there are things that need to be communicated or discussed at our meetings.
The members of the Parents Support Team are:
- Helen Bergen
- John Froese
- Antonio Gomez

The ideal number of members that has been set for the Parents Support Team is four to five. 
We are working on adding a new member before our next meeting, which will be in May.

Parents may also contact Xavier at any time to talk, share questions or comments!


Prayer is a big part of who we are. We believe prayer is how we connect with God and how we grow close to Him. We're also big believers of praying for one another all the time. If you would like us to pray for you, send us a prayer request by filling out the form below. All prayer requests we receive are kept extremely confidential. If you would like us to get in touch with you and follow up on your prayer request, make sure to indicate it in the form!

MBYouth Prayer Requests

Let us pray for you!
  • If you would like us to follow up and contact you after you send in your prayer request, let us know by checking the box below! Include your name and how we can contact you in your message.


It takes a team for things at MBYouth to run smoothly! There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of students to connect with. The MBYouth leadership team works hard to connect with the students, to help them grow closer to God, and to be a source of support and encouragement. The team is made up of individuals who are committed to being a part of the students and who all bring something unique to the team. See below to get to know the leadership team.


Xavier Avila - Youth Pastor
Will Girard
Joey Gomez
Christine Wiebe
Connie Wiebe
Renee Rocheleau


Xavier Avila - Youth Pastor
Jamie Friesen
Chris Klassen
Henry Peters
Nicki Gleason