Life Groups are gatherings of 10-12 people which are designed to help people grow in their walk with God by building friendships, learning together, and supporting one another.

      LIFE GROUPSWe believe we were designed to connect with God and to connect with others. It is through relationships with others that we can embrace the abundant life God desires for each of us to live. You don't have to have it all together to join a life group. We believe God meets us where we are and as we are. We desire the same in our life groups. Our life groups include groups for adults, young adults, women, and much more. Life groups meet at Meadow Brook and in homes throughout the week. To sign up and join a life group, click on the link below. To find out more about our life groups or if you're interested in joining a life group, please contact us.

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      Whereas our Life Groups involve walking with a group of people throughout the year, we also offer Short-Term Groups, which typically gather for anywhere between 4-10 weeks and focus on a specific topic of study, such as the current sermon series, money, marriage, parenting, specific books of the Bible, etc. We have numerous Short-Term Groups that meet throughout the year and cover a variety of subjects, and they are a great alternative for those who may not have the time to commit to a Life Group!

      Men's Life Group

      This February we are launching a new Life Group for men! The group will meet on Thursdays at 7pm at Meadow Brook, starting on February 22. All men are welcome!
      The group will be digging into the “Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Living" curriculum and learning about what it means to step up and live a courageous life.
      Sign up is available at the HUB. You can also contact Mike Nichols for more information here.